Arizona Adventures for the Whole Family

Arizona has some of the best opportunities for families on vacation. The breathtaking nature provides the perfect backdrop for getting outside, while the culture and history make it possible to enjoy learning about the area. There’s a wide range of activities in many of the major sites throughout the state; the hardest part will be deciding where to visit first.
Home to the Wild West’s Tombstone, Tucson is rich with history and excitement. Each weekend and on some holidays, actors will recreate scenes from the Old West, including hangings of outlaws, 1880s fashion and even gunfights. There’s even a stagecoach. Sabino Canyon is a more subdued site in the city; families will find the stream, creek and pools of water ideal for relaxation. This area is also perfect for hiking.
Lake Powell/Page
Lake Powell is over 180 miles long, and includes over 2,000 feet of shore. The lake in itself is perfect for kayaking, water sports, and the like. But head down to Page, just south of Lake Powell, to set your family up for an experienced guide through the Colorado River. Here, your family will not only be able to leisurely take in the beauty of the area, they’ll also hear about the history of the Colorado River.

Traveling on a Budget: 3 Ways to Make Hotel Fees a Thing of the Past

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The Benefits of Owning a Travel Trailer

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4 Safety Must-haves Every Camper Needs

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